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The Markup Calculator (requires Windows operating system) will calculate the correct markup for your residential or commercial construction business, whether you are a general or a specialty contractor.

Using the same principles laid out in the book Markup & Profit Revisited, you can quickly and easily determine the correct markup to ensure you cover your overhead, and make a reasonable profit on the jobs you do.

If you prefer charging time by the hour, you can also calculate the hourly rate you need to cover your labor and overhead expenses, and provide a profit. This program will calculate one or two different hourly rates, for as many employees as you have. Whether you work alone or have fifty employees, this program will help you make sure you charge enough.

Markup Calculator software requires Windows XP and above. Older machines with upgraded operating systems might not be able to use this software satisfactorily. For information on how to install on a Mac or Apple, check out the FAQ's.

A download link will be provided for both the CD and download format. Download links will be available immediately after purchase (file size: 24mb). 

Are demos available?
We don't offer a demo version, but you can view a slideshow of the software.

Is the Markup Calculator software Mac-Compatible?
You'll need Parallels, a software program that allows you to operate Windows in a separate window on your Mac computer. And you'll need a current Windows operating system. Install Parallels first - then install Windows. Then you can install any of our software programs.

I moved the program to another computer and it doesn't work.
You must do a complete install of the program on your new computer first, from the disk (or using the .exe that was downloaded).

What files are important to backup?
The critical database in the Markup Calculator Software is markup.mdb. When the program is open, you'll might also see a file named markup.ldb. This file only exists when the program is open, when you exit Markup Calculator the .ldb file will disappear.

Where is this database located?
It depends on your Windows operating system and whether or not you used the default file location.

In Windows 2000 and XP, the database is normally located in the C:\Program Files\CPR\Markup.

In Windows Vista and 7, the database might appear to be located in the C:\Program Files\CPR\Markup folder, but it isn't. Microsoft decided to not allow the ability to write data to a file in the Program Files folder, so it places the actual, active files in another location. And makes them hard to find.

It's probably a hidden files, so within Windows Explorer you'll have to go to Tools - Folder Options - View, and select "Show hidden files and folders". Close Windows Explorer, then reopen it. (In Windows 7, it might be Organize - Folder and Search Options - View, and select "Show hidden files, folders or drives".)

Windows Secret: To open Windows Explorer quickly, hold down the Windows key located between the CTRL and ALT keys on your keyboard. While holding it down, press the letter E one time.

In both Vista and Windows 7, you should now be able to find markup.mdb (or markup) in C:\Users\WhateverYourUserNameIs\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\ and from there either in the Program Files (x86) or the Program Data folder. It should be under CPR\Markup.

How do I backup my files?
Using Windows Explorer, find this folder (check the "date modified" to make sure you have the correct files) and copy it onto a disk or other media in case your computer fails.

This is a silent demo, providing an overview of the functions of the Markup Calculator.
(or, click here to view this slideshow on YouTube if you prefer)
Length: 8:53 minutes

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