Office Organization for Contractors

The Organized Contractor

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Many business owners struggle with organizing their office. "The Organized Contractor" and "The Organized New Business" were written specifically to help business owners manage office paperwork and files.

The Organized Contractor is a step-by-step guide for an efficient construction office. Get and stay organized, learning the tips and tricks you need to keep your construction business flowing smoothly.

If you are starting a new business, the Organized New Business is just for you. Are you overwhelmed with the required paperwork? Not sure how to set up an effective filing system? Learn all the basics and more!

70 pages, in .pdf format for download. Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Clutter Audit
Chapter 2: File Systems
Chapter 3: Recordkeeping
Chapter 4: Construction-Related Forms
Chapter 5: Business Workflow
Chapter 6: Marketing Efforts
Chapter 7: Accounting & Tax Organization
Chapter 8: Handyman/Subcontractor
Chapter 9: Contractor

35 pages, in .pdf format for download. Table of Contents:


Chapter 1: Recordkeeping
Business Records
- Customer/Client/Job Records
- Employee Records
- Timesheet Records
- Payroll Records
- Mileage Tracking
- Office Records
- Independent Contractor Records
- Vendor Records
Records Maintenance

Chapter 2: File Systems
Implement a File System
What is a File?
How are Files Organized
- Use Color to Easily Identify Files
- Purchase Necessary Supplies
- Create New Files or Revamp Existing Files

Chapter 3: Implement Forms
Office Forms
- Fax Cover Sheet
- Expense Report
- Time Sheet
Marketing Forms
- First Contact Sheet
- Company Evaluation
- Customer Satisfaction Survey

Chapter 4: Accounting & Tax Org
Simple, Inexpensive Accounting Systems Reports
- Financial Reports
Keeping Accounting Records Current
- End of Month Procedures
- End of Year Procedures
Internal Controls
Tax Information
- Get Required Documents to Your Tax Preparer
Simplify Tax Preparation

Chapter 5: Useful Products
Checks & Window Envelopes

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