One-Day Class

One-Day Class

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$189 for one attendee. $169 each for two or more registered at the same time.

As of December 8, space is still available in all three locations.

A one-day class taught by Michael Stone, author of the book Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited, specifically for General Contractors doing remodeling or building new homes, and specialty contractors of all types.

Learn the common sense information you need to run a financially profitable company, pay yourself a fair salary and take care of your family.

Only $189 per person. Two or more from the same company, registered at the same time, $169 each. You'll receive a copy of our book, Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited (one per company), a 57-page handout for use during class, and lunch.

We will include a letter with class details when we mail the book. Books will be mailed via the U.S. Post Office to your billing address unless you note otherwise. (Send a note to

Topics Covered:

Running Your Business

  • Why trying to be "competitive" is sure disaster for your company
  • Why you should never, never do "Cost Plus" or "Time & Material" jobs (unless limited in scope)
  • How to avoid the "bad" or tough customer
  • Which is better, employees or subcontracting your work
  • The five things you must do when a job goes "BAD"
  • Why working on the job is not profitable in most cases
  • Why you should not do both New Home Construction and Remodeling
  • Working with Architects and Designers
  • Who makes up the most profitable construction companies
  • How to deal with requests for itemization of your estimates
  • How to eliminate billing and invoicing and get paid on time
  • How lead-generating companies can hurt rather than help

Establishing the Correct "Numbers" for Your Business

  • How to set a budget for your company
  • Establishing correct Overhead percentages
  • Establishing your Monthly overhead
  • Why Overhead goes up, not down, as your volume of sales increases
  • How to set correct Profit Margins for your company
  • How to Establish the correct Markup for your company
  • Establishing an Operating Capital Reserve Account (OCRA)
  • How to adjust your sales volume or markup for an unbudgeted expense
  • Mathematical formulas for your business that work
  • Should you rent or buy that new tool or piece of equipment
  • The value of your time in Dollars & Cents
  • A yardstick for making money in construction
  • A markup formula that will COST you money
  • Why Markup is safer to use than Margins
  • Early warning signs of financial problems in your company
  • Developing your monthly cash flow projections


  • Correct number of employees for your company
  • How to pay your employees for the work they do
  • Minimum volume of work produced per employee of your company
  • How to find good employees

General and Subcontractor Relationships

  • Contracts between Generals and Subs
  • How subs should be paid and when

Contracts & Contract Language

  • How to establish the correct down payment and progress payments on your contracts
  • Eliminate invoicing and start getting paid on time
  • How to make sure you get paid for all of your work
  • Should you buy pre-printed forms or develop your own?
  • The correct length of a contract

Additional Work Orders

  • Additional Work Orders, how and when to use them
  • How to get your employees to use Additional Work Orders
  • Setting the correct markup on Additional Work Orders

Handyman Services

  • How to establish the rates per hour for your handyman type jobs
  • Distinguishing between handyman and fixed-figure contracts
  • How to write a handyman contract
  • How to make sure you get paid on handyman type jobs


  • Why education is your most important tool
  • Where to go for educational materials


  • Markup & Profit, A Contractor's Guide Revisited (mailed to your address before class, one per company)
  • A 57-page handout for use during class
  • Lunch


Check-in between 8 - 9 am
Class starts promptly at 9 am
10 minute break at 10:25 am
Lunch, 12 to 1 pm, lunch is provided
Class begins again promptly at 1 pm
10 minute break at 2:25 pm
Class ends by 4 pm

Cancellation Policy: Refunds (less a $45 fee for materials you'll receive) will be made if your cancellation is received in writing five days prior to the class.

Sunnyvale, California - Wednesday, December 13
Country Inn & Suites
1300 Chesapeake Terrace
Sunnyvale, California

Richmond, California - Thursday, December 14
Courtyard Marriott Richmond/Berkeley
3150 Garrity Way
Richmond, California

Sacramento, California - Friday, December 15
Sacramento Masonic Temple
1123 J Street
Sacramento, California

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