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A well-written and legal construction employee manual is the most effective way to inform employees about your workplace rules and prevent employment problems and misunderstandings in your construction business.

This Employee Manual was created specifically for the construction industry and consists of over 100 policies designed for the construction industry. You receive a word-processing document (in Rich Text Format, useable by most word processors). Select the policies that apply to your business and delete the ones that don't. Add additional policies and/or specific information about your company where it applies. (The manual focuses on employees working on jobs or in the office. Specific policies for salespeople are not included.)

Then print and distribute your new Employee Manual. We've included an Agreement and Acknowledgement Form for employee signature, along with 14 other specialized forms for your review and use.

Since we are not familiar with the law in all states, you must have your attorney review this manual to make sure it meets the law in your state and/or locality.


The Employee Manual is in Rich Text Format (.rtf). It's designed to be opened in your word processing program and edited as needed to match your business policies.

A download link will be provided even if you purchase the CD. Links to the download will be given immediately after purchase. Choose the "download only" option if you don't want to incur shipping charges.

An Employee Manual, used correctly, will accurately communicate your company philosophy, policies and procedures and answer almost every employment related question your employees could possibly ask. The cost is miniscule compared to the cost of dealing with an employee problem. Protect your business and your reputation, and make life easier for your employees. Let them know clearly what you will do for them, and what you expect them to do for you.

If you don't already have an Employee Manual, it is time to get one and formalize your company's policies and procedures. But don't settle for the "one size fits all" manual. Your industry, organizational culture, company objectives, and workforce are unique. Use a manual that represents you and your business.

How To Use

The Employee Manual is saved in RichText format (.rtf). The files can be opened by most word processing programs.

Customize your construction employee manual by selecting and editing the appropriate policies and procedures for your construction business.

Your first step is to insert your actual Company name. Using the Find/Replace functions in your word processing program, replace COMPANY NAME with your actual company name.

Next, print out this manual and read every single policy. This manual contains over 120 recommended policies and you can customize them any way you wish. You can decide to keep them as is, amend a policy or delete any policy. If you choose to delete or change a policy simply edit the document with normal word processing procedures.

There are also 21 policies that state "Insert Here", followed by an example. The purpose of the example is only to show what could appear here - you need to provide your own language because these policies will be specific to your company. Simply cut and paste from another document, edit the example, or type in the language you would like to use. These policies are:

  • Introduction
  • Mission Statement
  • Purpose of this manual
  • Customer Relations Philosophy
  • Company History
  • Company Organization Chart
  • Company Contacts
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation
  • Paid Sick Leave
  • Health Benefits
  • COBRA Information (if Health Benefits are Offered)
  • 401k Plan
  • Additional Benefits
  • Unpaid Family School Partnership Leave (state specific)
  • Unpaid Family Care And Medical Leave
  • Unpaid Pregnancy Disability Leave
  • Unpaid Personal Leave of Absence
  • Unpaid Bereavement Leave
  • Unpaid National Guard/Military Leave of Absence
  • Alcohol and Drug Policy

After making changes, print the manual and read it, again. You are not only looking for errors after you have edited your manual, you are also becoming familiar with your manual. Since you are the Owner, you should know your policies and procedures inside and out.

Lastly, review the page numbers on your table of contents and update them if necessary.

After you have edited your manual to your liking and have printed it, call a trusted attorney to review it. This is a required step; every state and locality has different laws and requirements and they are often changing.

The final step is the distribution of your manual. It is suggested that you require all employees attend a general meeting. Read the manual cover to cover and answer any questions that are asked. Have each employee sign the Acknowledgement and Agreement form that is included (this includes an initial on the second page, and a full signature at the end).

Every employee should be given a copy of the manual. For cost savings, you may only print enough to share around the room, but we strongly suggest a manual always be available for review during normal working hours, and your Supervisors always have a copy on hand for immediate access and review.

Although this manual comes with no guarantees, it is a tool for you to use when you need to make impartial and consistent employee related decisions. Teach both your employees and your Managers how to use it and let your manual effectively communicate YOUR Company policies and procedures.

Important Note
Since we are not familiar with the law in all states, you must have your attorney review this manual to make sure it meets the law in your state and/or locality.
The information in this manual is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice. Construction Programs & Results, Inc., is not legal counsel. You must consult an attorney for approval of all content before you rely upon, use or distribute any content contained in this manual. Construction Programs & Results, Inc., makes no representations about the suitability of the content of this manual for any purpose whatsoever. All content is provided "as is" and without any warranty of any kind. Construction Programs & Results, Inc., hereby disclaims all warranties and conditions with regard to the content, including but not limited to all implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement. In no event shall Construction Programs & Results, Inc., be liable for any damages whatsoever, including, but not limited to, any general, special, indirect, exemplary, or consequential damages, whether or not arising out of or in connection with the use, copying or display of the content.
This manual and the related forms are for your company use only. You are free to copy and modify all pages and forms as needed for your company. This manual and the forms are not to be given away, lent, loaned, e-mailed or in any way transferred to another individual or company for their use without the expressed written consent of Construction Programs & Results, Inc. This manual and the forms are copyrighted and unauthorized use will result in prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Policies Covered In The Manual

  Mission Statement
  Purpose of this Manual
  Right to Amend this Employee Manual *
  Customer Relations Philosophy
  Employee Relations Philosophy
  At Will Employment
  How to Solve A Problem
  Company History
  Company Organization Chart
  Company Contacts

Company Pledge
  Equal Employment Opportunity
  Introductory Period
  Immigration Law and Compliance
  Performance Reviews
  No Harassment Policy
  Workplace Violence Policy
  Employee Classification
  Full-Time Employees
  Part-Time Employees
  Temporary Employees
  Work Schedule

Employment Benefits
  Your Pay
  Paid Holidays
  Paid Vacation
  Paid Sick Leave
  Health Benefits
  Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA)
  State Disability Insurance
  Social Security Insurance
  Worker's Compensation Insurance
  401(k) Plan
  Additional Benefits
  Suggestion Program
  Employee Contests And Programs
  Civic Duties
  Unpaid Family School Partnership Leave
  Unpaid Family Care And Medical Leave
  Unpaid Pregnancy Disability Leave
  Unpaid Personal Leave Of Absence
  Unpaid Bereavement Leave
  Unpaid National Guard/Military Leave Of Absence

What We Expect Of You
  Absenteeism And Tardiness
  Accidents *
  Access to Company Premises *
  Alcohol And Drug Policy
  Bad Attitude
  Business Entertaining *
  Blogging *
  Bonus & Incentive Pay
  Bulletin Boards
  Cash Handling Procedure
  Cellular Phones
  Change Orders
  Clubs and Civic Organizations *
  Community Relations
  Company Expenses & Reporting
  Company Credit Cards *
  Company Keys And Property
  Company Letterhead And Materials
  Computers And E-Mail
  Conflict Of Interest
  Customer Contact
  Customer Property
  Damage To Property
  Death Of Employee
  Deductions from Pay *
  Detrimental Activity
  Direct Deposit *
  Document Preparation
  E-mail *
  Employee Discoveries *
  Energy Conservation
  Facebook *
  Facsimile And Copy Machines
  Fighting, Threats And Weapons
  Flextime *
  Food And Beverages
  Fraud, Dishonesty And False Statements
  Garnishments *
  Gifts And Gratuities
  Good Driving Record
  Hazardous And Toxic Materials
  Hiring Of Relatives
  Identification Badges *
  Inclement Weather *
  Job Descriptions
  Jobsite Procedures
  Loans And Pay Advances
  Misuse Of Property
  Off-Duty Social And Recreational Activities
  Off-Duty Use Of Company Facilities/Property
  Opportunities for Advancement
  Outside Employment
  Personal Appearance And Behavior
  Personal Mail
  Personal Telephone Calls And Visits
  Personnel Record Access
  Poor Performance
  Purchase Orders
  Recording Work Hours *
  Return of Company Property *
  Salvage and Scrap Materials
  Searches And Inspections
  Telecommuting *
  Timekeeping Procedures
  Trade Secrets
  Trade and Professional Associations *
  Travel Expenses *
  Twitter *
  Unauthorized Interviews
  Uniform Policy
  US Mail *
  Voice Mail
  Volunteering *
  Weapons *

Work Status
  Changes in Personnel Records
  Outside Inquiries Concerning Employees
  Job Abandonment
  Notice of Resignation
  Exit Interview

* = New, August, 2010

Table Of Employee Forms

Acknowledgement and Agreement
New Hire Form Checklist
Employee Information
I-9 Employment Verification
W-4 Federal Tax Withholding
Company Cellular Phone Policy
Company Non-compete Agreement
Company Pay Policy
Company Vehicle Use Policy
Job Abandonment Policy
Medical Facility Policy
Medical Records Release Authorization
Moonlighting Policy
No Harassment Policy
Participation in Voluntary Activities Policy
Reporting Injuries and Illnesses
Time Clock Procedure Policy

Since we are not familiar with the law in all states, you must have your attorney review this manual to make sure it meets the law in your state and/or locality.

Sample Language


From time to time it is possible that business conditions may cause the workforce to be reduced through lay-offs. In the event of a lay-off, one or more factors will be considered; ability, performance, productivity, and tenure. <COMPANY NAME> will follow all state and federal laws pertaining to lay-offs, and will provide as much advance notice as possible.

Job Abandonment

Any employee who fails to report to work for three (3) consecutively scheduled workdays without notice to, or approval from his/her Supervisor, will be deemed to have voluntarily terminated employment with the Company.

Notice of Resignation

In the event, you choose to resign from your position, as much advanced notice as possible is appreciated. However, under certain circumstances, it may not be accepted. You are responsible for returning all Company property in your possession, or for which you are responsible. This policy in no way alters the "at-will" employment relationship between you and the Company.


The Owner must approve all offers of re-employment. Upon re-employment, an employee's service record starts over with regard to all benefit programs, as though the employee was being hired for the first time.


Please provide the Owner with at least ninety (90) days advance notice of your intended retirement date so plans can be made to hire a replacement upon your retirement. This policy in no way alters the "at-will" employment relationship between you and the Company.

Exit Interview

Any employee leaving <COMPANY NAME> may be requested to provide an exit interview, either in person or by telephone, with a designated Company Representative or the Owner. The purpose of this interview is to explore the reasons for separation and your work experience at the Company.

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