Two-Day Intensive

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A two-day class with Michael Stone to strengthen and build your business. Michael discusses the issues that cause most contractors to lose money. These are also the topics he deals with most often in his coaching and consulting.

There will also be ample question and answer periods where issues and problems can be discussed by the class.

"Thank you both so much for your time and energy during our Dallas class . . . I don’t recall having ever attended any continuing education class that generated as much enthusiastic & positive discussion outside of the class itself! . . .  I cannot thank you enough for sharing your great knowledge with us. You’ve forever changed the way I’ll run my business and support my family!"

"It was a pleasure to take your class, eye opening and informative. It did not escape me that veteran contractors and repeat attendees were in the audience with us. To reach new entrants as well as those well entrenched in the market speaks highly for the quality and usefulness of your service."

After two days with Michael, you'll know how to:

  • Create more accurate estimates in less time
  • Compute your correct markup and gross margins and use that information to sell profitable jobs, hire new employees and purchase new equipment and vehicles
  • Complete a year-end review and build a plan for each coming year to make it even better
  • Calculate your breakeven
  • Set your own salary and get paid every two weeks
  • Reviewing and refining your Profit and Loss statements
  • Set up a simple system for job costing
  • Write a solid contract that protects both you and your client.
  • Write change work orders, when to write them and how to charge for them
  • Write and work with punch lists, making sure you only have one per job
  • Work with formulas designed to give you the information you need to guarantee a financially profitable company

The class is two full days of thoughtful analysis, hard work and great lunches. You'll get the info and support you need to run a financially profitable company, pay yourself a fair salary and take care of your family.Read comments from previous attendees, or view the videos made by attendees.

Day 1
Markup, Margins and Cash Flow
Day 2
Breakeven, Profit & Loss, Job Costing
Contracts, Change Work Orders, Punch lists, Sales
The #'s of Your Business


9 am to 4 pm Thursday, with a one hour lunch break at noon
8 am to 3 pm Friday, with a one hour lunch break at 11 am
Lunch is provided both days


$495 per attendee (10% discount for two or more registered at the same time)


Lunch (both days); morning coffee and pastries; afternoon cookies and soda
A 124 page spiral-bound handout of the presentation with space for note-taking
Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide Revisited (one per company)
Profitable Sales, A Contractor's Guide (one per company)


100% refund if cancelled 4 weeks prior
50% refund if cancelled 2 weeks prior
No refund if cancelled within 2 weeks

We've completed our classes for the spring of 2018, and will announce fall classes soon.

Previous two-day class dates and locations:

May, 2018  --  White Plains, NY
May, 2018  --  Memphis, TN
Apr, 2018  --  Milwaukee, WI
Mar, 2018  --  Denver, CO
Feb, 2018  --  Portland, OR
Feb, 2018  --  Raleigh, NC
Nov, 2017  --  Houston, TX
Nov, 2017  --  Omaha, NE
Oct, 2017  --  Cherry Hill, NJ (Philadelphia)
Oct, 2017  --  Detroit, MI
Sep, 2017  --  Lafayette, IN
Sep, 2017  --  Anaheim, CA
May, 2017  --  Sacramento, CA
May, 2017  --  Salt Lake City, UT
Apr, 2017  --  Pittsburgh, PA
Apr, 2017  --  St. Louis, MO
Mar, 2017  --  Norfolk, VA
Feb, 2017  --  Ontario, CA
Nov, 2016  --  Tampa, FL
Nov, 2016  --  Chicago, IL
Oct, 2016  --  Santa Fe, NM
Oct, 2016  --  Denver, CO
Sep, 2016  --  Boston, MA
Sep, 2016  --  Seattle, WA
Sep, 2016  --  Portland, OR
Apr, 2016  --  Rochester, NY
Apr, 2016  --  Baltimore, MD
Mar, 2016  --  Kansas City, MO
Mar, 2016  --  Atlanta, GA
Mar, 2016  --  Phoenix, AZ
Mar, 2016  --  Indianapolis, IN
Jan, 2016  --  San Diego, CA
Jan, 2016  --  Oakland, CA
Dec, 2015  --  Dallas, TX
Nov, 2015  --  Portland, OR
Oct, 2015  --  Las Vegas, NV
Oct, 2015  --  Bloomington, MN (Minneapolis)
Sep, 2015  --  Charlotte, NC
Sep, 2015  --  Roanoke, VA
Apr, 2015  --  Worthington, OH (Columbus)
Mar, 2015  --  Santa Ana, CA
Nov, 2014  --  Elmsford, NY

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