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If you're interested in running a more profitable construction-related business and want information you can listen to "on the go", Michael Stone's audio version of the Markup & Profit classes is available in MP3 format for download.

This is an audio version of our Markup and Profit class on CD and (while they last) cassette. This class was taped in 2000, but the principles in the class are still the same. 

Each recording is about 30 minutes long - you can listen to the first recording here. 

The podcasts are a companion to the first version of the book, Markup & Profit; A Contractor's Guide. Michael frequently directs the listener to specific pages in the book. The revised book, Markup & Profit Revisited, has the same information but on different pages; you can download a cross-reference here.

These podcasts are the same recording as the audio version of the Markup & Profit class, broken into smaller chunks and in MP3 format.

Know Your Numbers
Determining your overhead expenses. Symptoms of financial trouble in your construction-related company, and what to do about it. Know the difference between job costs, overhead and profit.
19,268 KB file, 27:24 minutes long

Calculating Markup
Calculating your markup (for general contractors, remodeling or renovation contractors, and sub or specialty contractors). What if you are doing both new homes and remodeling?
20,709 KB file, 29:27 minutes long

Sales Overview
Advertising, Taking leads, Qualifying clients, Paying salespeople, Introducing the contract to your clients
41,480 KB file, 59 minutes long

Contracts, Payment Schedules, Additional Work Orders, Getting Paid, Cost Plus and Time and Material Contracts, Design Agreements
41,351 KB file, 58:49 minutes long

Mathematics Of Your Business
Budgeting, Overhead, Operating Capital Reserve Account, Unbudgeted Expenses, Working with Lenders
20,768 KB file, 29:32 minutes long

Justifying Your Markup
Understanding the relationship between your professionalism and your price
20,845 KB file, 29:39 minutes long

Employees And Subs
Volume per employee, Using subs or hiring employees, The best size for your firm, Paying employees, Salespeople
20,707 KB file, 29:27 minutes long

Document Your Work, Supervising jobs, Government jobs (being the low bidder), Insurance work, What to do when a job goes bad
20,912 KB file, 29:44 minutes long

Education and Goal Setting
20,867 KB file, 29:41 minutes long

You'll receive a link to download the podcasts. They will be in 3 separate zipped files, between 80 and 131 MB's per file. 

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