Newsletter Archive

Newsletter Archive

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Our first email newsletter was published on June 21, 2001. From 2001 through the end of 2015, we published 370 email newsletters and all of them are now available for purchase on a USB drive.

Among other things, you'll find excerpts from our sales book and our five-part series on Making Your Phone Ring. Our newsletters included a four-part series on Estimating Blunders, and we frequently included a "Legal Issues in Construction" section that suggested legal language for your contracts

We started in the early years of bulk email communications, and it shows.

  • Our first 5 newsletters were published using Topica, an email delivery service that included ads. 
  • In October 2001, we recommended Google as a search engine. It was only a few years old at the time. 
  • In November of 2001, we attempted to add an attachment to the email and failed miserably. 

The only items deleted are links to webinars long gone. In some situations, we crossed out information no longer valid. We attempted to make sure links still work but can't guarantee it, especially those going to outside websites. Newsletter articles since 2013 are on our website but aren't included in any website menu.

All files are in .pdf format. Download the index here.

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