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An accurate estimate is the first step in selling and building a profitable job.

When you know how to estimate a job properly, nothing is forgotten. In these construction estimating training classes taught by Michael Stone, you'll start with a small job (under $12,000) and build skills as the jobs become more complex ($1.2 million remodel). Michael has taught estimating to contractors in 44 different states and Canada.

The Profitable Estimating class is 12 hours of training, but it isn't just videos. The ability to estimate a construction job is a skill developed with practice. That's why we provide pdf files of blueprints for each job, along with numerous photos, and encourage you to work through each estimate.

The Profitable Estimating training classes are available in DVD format for viewing on your computer and are also available as an online estimating class

The DVD and the online class are identical. Both include all the forms you need, along with a number of checklists. These forms and checklists will become your basic tools for all your estimates long after you're finished with the classes.

You will see each estimate compiled by hand (pen and paper) and using the Fast Track Estimating software (not included). If you use a different estimating software, that's okay. The classes teaches a system, a mindset, that works regardless of how the final estimate is compiled.

My estimates aren't accurate, and the errors are costing me money.
We'll show you the steps to follow on every estimate to reduce your error factor and eliminate guessing.

I procrastinate and have lost customers because I've taken too long to get back to them.
You'll develop confidence in your ability to estimate so you don't dread the process, allowing you to get back to your customers and make the sale.

My last estimate was short because I missed the little things; the temporary job cover, a "make-do" sink for the homeowners.
On every job, we'll review how to mentally build the job so nothing is forgotten, from permits through cleanup.

It's too difficult to interpret plans and identify the work and materials required. I'm not sure if the problem is the plans or if I don't know how to read them.
Some plans are not detailed enough, others are just poorly drawn. You'll learn to recognize plans that need more work and what to do about it.

I keep forgetting items while doing the takeoff.
You'll attain the discipline needed to do the same thing, the same way, every single estimate, eliminating forgotten items.

Labor is so difficult to estimate.
By discovering how to review every job, you'll be able to more accurately predict the labor requirements.

How can I get a good quote from my subs and suppliers when I don't have the job yet?
You'll learn how to develop a working relationship with fellow contractors allowing you to secure accurate, on-the-jobsite quotes from subs and suppliers as needed.

How can I use installed or material allowance amounts to protect myself?
We'll discuss the difference between installed allowance amounts and material allowance amounts, when and how to use them, and the benefits and risks.

I spent hours on my last estimate, only to learn the customer was "just shopping".
Securing a commitment from the customer BEFORE developing an estimate is critical. We'll discuss what to say and when to say it to get a commitment first.

My estimates are great. It's the Additional Work Orders that cost me money.
The Additional Work Orders, or Change Work Orders, are as important as the estimate when it comes to accurate, and we'll discuss how to estimate them.

If you want online access immediately, order the class here

The DVD and the online class are identical. Both include all the forms you need, along with a number of checklists.

If you only want online access and want to order our software programs at the same time for a discount, choose the "Online Access Only" option. You'll receive login information the next business day. This is primarily for international clients who don't want to pay international shipping charges on the DVD.

If you'd like both online access and the DVD, order the DVD and include a note asking for online access. You'll receive login information the next business day.

How long does it take the online course to be available?

If you want or need online access immediately, order the class here. If you order it on this page instead, we'll provide access on the next business day, unless we're traveling (see our 2-day class schedule). If we're traveling, it takes a few extra days for access to be provided.

The online course is available on this page primarily to assist our international clients who want to purchase both our software and the estimating training, at a discount, without having to pay international shipping charges.

How are the classes structured?

The Profitable Estimating Training is separated into 12 classes:

– Class 1, An overview of the estimator, the company, types of estimates and estimating procedures
– Class 2, Doing the takeoff, forms, more on estimating procedures
– Class 3, Estimating a small bathroom remodel ($10,000 – $12,000)
– Class 4, Estimating a large bathroom remodel ($96,000 – $98,000)
– Class 5, Estimating a kitchen remodel ($75,000 – $78,000)
– Class 6, Estimating a medium addition with kitchen remodel ($275,000 – $280,000)
– Class 7, Part 2 of Class 6, Estimating a medium addition with kitchen remodel
– Class 8, Estimating a two story addition with garage ($320,000 – $330,000)
– Class 9, Part 2 of Class 8, Estimating a two story addition with garage
– Class 10, Estimating a whole house remodel ($1,280,000 – $1,290,000)
– Class 11, Part 2 of Class 10, Estimating a whole house remodel
– Class 12, Wrapping it up

And includes the following forms:

  • Checklists for kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodels
  • Pre-sales call checklist
  • New Job checklist
  • Post job checklist
  • Punch list agreement
  • Selection lists for kitchens, baths, additions and whole house remodels

Estimating Methods
Length: 1 minutes, 10 seconds

Plumbing, Electrical, A Sample of Things to Consider
Length: 1 minute, 14 seconds

Using Checklists when Estimating
Length: 1 minute, 41 seconds

Compensating for Errors in Estimating
Length: 1 minute, 41 seconds

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